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Friday, December 10, 2010

Fundraiser with a Twist

Times are tough...It's hard getting people to contribute to charities when they are having trouble paying their own bills. So here is a way to make everyone happy... I asked my guests to look through their jewelry boxes for some gold, platinum or silver. Find a broken chain, old class ring or that 80's style piece you'll never wear again...especially if it is from a past boyfriend. Collect your goodies and bring them to my home, we'll have some snacks, drinks and raise some money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
No one walked away with less than $100 and most were between $400 - $800. One lucky woman earned more than $1800 on her stash of old stuff!
By the end on the evening Lori Stryker from Party of Gold, had bought over $8700 of gold from my guests.
She then wrote a check out to JDRF for $1416!!!! With some cash contributions from some very generous guests I was able to give JDRF a total of $1556. Everyone walked away happy and had extra spending money for the holidays! If you would like to learn more about Party of Gold, contact Lori at 732-232-0982 or email at